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Big Brother Britain & Civil Liberties

Campaigning to maintain the rights of the individual in the UK

Big Brother Britain
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Issues related to the erosion of civil liberties & right to privacy in Big Brother Britain
I have long been concerned that the UK government has introduced draconian laws in the UK, which have been sold as a requirement to combat crime and the threat of terrorism. However, so many new laws have been either introduced or proposed, that the UK is beginning to resemble a police state.

We have 4.4m CCTV cameras, the government is trying to introduce ID cards, passports with biometric data and also monitor our telephone calls, text messages, emails and internet habits. I worry that we are sleep walking into a totalitarian state and I would like people to be aware that unless we resist now, it will simply be too late. I have termed in Big Brother Britain and have my own website dedicated to this subject. http://bigbrotherbritain.wordpress.com where I welcome comments and contributions from similarly minded individuals.